High-Quality, Black-Led Charter Schools Initiative

Photo of a BAEO child

BAEO’s new High-Quality Black-Led Charter School (HQBLCS) initiative has been designed to address a number of challenges that disproportionately affect charter schools founded and/or led by Black community members and organizations, including:

  • Lack of access to private-sector investment
  • Limited access to networks of individuals and organizations who are creating disruptive education technologies that can dramatically improve school effectiveness and efficiency
  • Difficulty in organizing parents and the community into an effective advocacy force
  • Insufficient understanding of the importance of quality as the primary deliverable

Through the HPBLCS initiative, BAEO will build a community of practice among Black school leaders with a common understanding of quality and a shared commitment to delivering results, expanding high-quality educational options for low-income and working-class Black families, creating a pipeline of effective school leaders of the Black community for the Black community, and helping to further develop the capacity of these schools to become effective advocates for themselves and the children in their schools. The initiative will also provide a platform for successful Black educators to contribute to the national conversation about education reform.

The ultimate goal of HPBLCS, like that of all BAEO initiatives, is to effect the changes in our schools that will allow children of color to graduate from high school, prepared to succeed in college, their community, and the 21st-century workplace.

In this effort, BAEO will draw on its experience with the BAEO-Gates Small High Schools initiative, which spurred the creation of five small project-based high schools that are demonstrating the efficacy of smaller secondary schools, project-based learning, and parental choice.

The HQBLCS pilot program is underway. To learn more about how to support the initiative or get involved, contact director Isaac Ewell.