Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute

Photo of a BAEO child

Through the Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute (BSLI) BAEO seeks to address the dire need for Black education leaders equipped to champion parental choice and drive effective education reform. BSLI has four strands, which together will provide a continuum of valuable training, knowledge-building, and networking experiences for Black leaders at every stage of the leadership spectrum. Click on the links below to learn about each.

BSLI National Fellowship Program (NFP)

Through this fellowship program, BAEO will recruit, train, and support the placement of Black professional activists and organizers who will assume leadership positions in organizations advocating for parental choice programs for low-income and working-class families. The NFP will provide a full-time, twelve-month leadership experience for community and school leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to expanding parental choice and quality educational options, but need intensive education, training and coaching to become more effective. By 2014, the NFP will have a national alumni network of at least nine individuals.

BAEO Entrepreneur in Residence Fellowship

This fellowship will offer aspiring leaders a year-long residency that provides resources, support, and a structured yet creative environment to facilitate the successful launch of two Black-led education reform initiatives annually. BAEO’s High-Performing Black-Led Charter School (HPBLCS), described above, marks the first such entrepreneurial venture. Through this fellowship, BAEO will continue to support the creation of schools of excellence for all children. BAEO will hold new and existing schools to the highest performance standards, denouncing those that fall short and ensuring that chronically failing schools are closed without delay to minimize the impact on students.

Black Education Reform Thought Leader Summit

BAEO envisions this summit as an annual gathering of Black education thought leaders for the purpose of sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas, strategies, and tactics for advancing effective and promising practices and cutting-edge education reform initiatives.

Emerging Leader Cultivation

BAEO will engage and mobilize students and young adults in its current advocacy and mobilization states as the next generation of education reform advocates.