Our Mission and Core Values

The mission of the Black Alliance for Educational Options is to increase access to high quality education options for Black children by actively supporting transformational education reform initiatives and parental choice policies that empower low-income and working-class Black families.

Collage of BAEO children image

We are guided in our actions by the following core values:

It's all about OUR children
We are passionate about improving the futures of Black children; this passion motivates our work.

Black children are inherently intelligent and talented
We are unwavering in our belief that when provided access to equitable and adequate resources and when engaged daily by caring and committed adults, Black children can and will achieve at the highest academic levels.

Black families and students cannot wait for schools to improve. Families, leaders and policymakers must act now to provide families with access to high-quality educational options, using all available means, including traditional public, private, or charter schools, homeschooling, and other options.

Social justice
Equal access to high-quality education options is essential to realize our nation's unmet promise of justice and equality and to enable Black children to fully participate in and benefit from economic and civic freedom. Wealthy families have always had choice in education; low- and moderate-income families deserve the same choices.

We are unapologetic in our belief that the changes we seek require engagement and/or leadership by the Black community on behalf of the Black community.

Diversity through a narrow strip of unity
Common commitment to high-quality educational options for Black children allows BAEO to encompass gender, generational, partisan, and ideological diversity.

Respectful and caring relationships
We treat our colleagues and members with commitment, honesty, transparency, and respect.